WOTV FFBE War of the Visions: Ramza Beoulve Overview

Spoot talks about Ramza for a half hour. He’s dreamy.


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4 bình luận trong “WOTV FFBE War of the Visions: Ramza Beoulve Overview

  1. I run him main team spellblade sub w/ agil and magic res passives. Ill try the tailwind. I use him alot in arena, he WILL use ultima if he gets a chance. He 99% of the time starts shout, then monts tmr unless an enemy is in range. At this point he decides between taunting blade and shimmering blade depending how many enemys he can hit, if he is in range of an orlandeu or englebert he will opt for banish/ga blade, he will also use this when enemys line up. His ai is very good w spellblade imo, no complaints. Hes does play an excellnt subtank and he evades like nobodys bis. Also i run him cactuar esper w/ crit/maneater for some extra mag, unless u all in evade build shiva is kinda meh as vc, the i like hp luck MR card for tanky or odin for more dmg

  2. I only chased him because they gave us so much Ramza shards, but I love his versatility. He is my most prized unit for that fact. Support/Tank/Mag Att/Phys Attack…He does it all!

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