What Happens To Your Body and Brain when you Sleep | Dr J9 Live

What Happens To Your Body and Brain when You Sleep | Dr J9 Live

In this segment of The Dr. Janine Show Dr. Janine discusses what happens to your body and brain when you sleep and importance of sleep. She explains what a good night’s sleep is and the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Dr. Janine shares what happens when you sleep and how sleep help to detoxify your organs, heal your immune system, improve your memory and reset your metabolism including the stages of sleep in the brain and the Traditional Chinese Medicine sleep clock. These benefits of a good night’s sleep tips for how to fall asleep fast when you can’t sleep. Dr. Janine also shares a Dr. J9 self healing visualization for better sleep.

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00:00 Intro
00:10 What Happens When You Sleep
00:50 Waking Up With The Sun
04:44 Different Stages Of Sleep
05:25 How Chinese Medicine Clock Helps with Sleep

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Links to studies mentioned in this episode:
World’s largest sleep study shows too much shut-eye can be bad for your brain:
Significance and application of melatonin in the regulation of brown adipose tissue metabolism: relation to human obesity:
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