Twitch is DYING | Four Reasons Why (HD version processing lol)

Twitch is on it’s way out as the dominant live content site. Youtube is about to start winning the race in four important ways… Availability, Discoverability, Analytics …

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4 bình luận trong “Twitch is DYING | Four Reasons Why (HD version processing lol)

  1. I love the ease of access of Twitch. Also all of the people I have met and discovered via the platform but you really have to be looking to find people or streams that suite you. YouTube has always been great with recommending content specific to the user. I just feel as if they cater to the bigger names rather than the average joe.

  2. Would love Youtube Gaming if it revamped the UI which I think will happen in the next 6 months. Make it not look like the typical Youtube layout and the directory needs a revamp as well. DrDisrespect said that it feels like a black hole once he ends the stream since there's no real community feel on Youtube(no raid option). Tim keeps mentioning that he likes the algorithm aspect of Youtube and that discoverability is much more likely. But I'm not sure I agree with his comment since he's a massive streamer. He doesn't really need to worry about discoverability, he was even in a Superbowl AD last year! He compared his move as been a Big Fish in a small pond(Twitch) to now being a smaller/medium fish in an ocean(Youtube), so how is that supposed to really convince anyone to make the switch?

    As much as streamers dislike Twitch, it's still giving them more monetization options than Youtube so I think it'll still be a hot minute until Twitch dies off. It's just a funny thing to observe though. If people really dislike a platform that much and they want change then why still stream on it? oh cause Twitch is still paying them. If people really want change then it should be a cold turkey move. But that's easy for me to say since this doesn't directly impact my finances.

  3. Twitch is definitely on its way out, just not yet but it will happen eventually if they don’t start supporting it’s creators especially by Protecting them!! DMCA, Hate Raids etc…

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