To Catch A HACKER (Dark Souls 3 Short Film)

A top secret darkmoon covenant division has remained completely undetected … until now. Thumbnail darkmoon commission – @Shimhaq ➤ Project thoughts I …


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39 bình luận trong “To Catch A HACKER (Dark Souls 3 Short Film)

  1. I expected to learn about some program that detects if someone in your world is hacking or some in-game trick to kill hackers. I did not expect such sublime form of entertainment. Great job.

  2. This is one of the reasons I love this game so much. Even years later, you guys are still pushing out funny content. Don't go hollow!

  3. Getting sentenced to community service in the grand archives would be terrible. The guy literally had to sort thousands of years worth of history in books.

  4. So you know how everything in Dark Souls, including game mechanics, is explained by lore? Yeah this what happens to hackers when they're banned.

  5. A good troll is to get the mound maker covenant and equip the untrue white ring, put down your summoning sighn and kill them when they think they arr safe.

  6. It would be really cool and interesting if their was a fully functional government. Like yeah, the place is in ruins, but at least you can't break the law!

  7. Would be really cool if this would actually happen to all the cheaters 🙂 but please do not send them to Ds2. I dont want them to destroy the best pvp.

  8. Being back the scavenger run ,it was really nice and i wish it had a full series,it was a really original idea and it deserved more than 2 episodes .

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