The Unapologetic Sexy RPG | League of Maidens 2021

The Unapologetic Sexy RPG League of Maidens 2021

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29 bình luận trong “The Unapologetic Sexy RPG | League of Maidens 2021

  1. Don't they have something like that beauty album thing in Black Desert?

    I would like to know just what is free and what is locked behind a paywall; how much certain things cost, a clear explanation of what the battle pass and the race to 1 million are and consist of.

    Is the nudity locked behind a paywall? Looks awesome tho, can't wait to play.

  2. I’ve been waiting a long time for this come come out really looking forward to it hopefully we got some good tutorials to play and navigate the game This could be a really good first video

  3. Sounds like a game I can download just to drop money into just for the principle of the content available and to boost the reception matrix. The game's performance and plot would be a bonus.

  4. To me so far Conan is still the most playable sexy game. But the game play for this League of Maiden looks like boring first gen MMORPG to anyone who's been playing PC games before the internet and now sees same "old" games that's been re-skinned ever since DOTA from Warcraft3. This looks like customizing is the only thing going for this game.

  5. I think this game looks beautiful, and it is on my Steam Wishlist. I am less sure about how the game itself will play – I can only know how long it will keep my attention, by actually playing it to find out. Still, intriguing.

  6. I think streaming companies should grow up and finally create a rated R options for Twitch and such. It's wanted, there's been a market for it for a while now and it's overdue.

  7. Such ability to costumize is what we where looking in connan, but they not realy do what audience wants. When they add some posibilities they add 10 hair stiles and 6 of them for men. 😛 I wonder if there is posibility to actualy make ur girl fat. Not all want just the spectrum of totali insane barbie doll, but some realizm. So even tho most will proobbly make pamela anderson in her youth, it whould be nice to have option to make a fatt girl and slap with her ass the anorrectic woosies 😀 If its just a nother you can make me belly 40-70 and breasts from 60-120 and same with the but, that will get boriing realy quick. OH and for realizm i like if you can change girls skin not just tone, maibe also some freckles. Ginger is what is in such modifications misses most of the time.

  8. Oh, Wak is talking about the LoM,… the very moment I was waiting for has come. 🙂 Also, Black Desert Online has Beauty album. + One of outfits which will be available here at LoM looks way to similar to one outfit my Lahn at BDO has. But I saw it at Odin too so. 😀 😀

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