The ROG Phone 5 has a Problem – Durability Test Fail!

The ROG Phone 5 is the most powerful gaming phone on the market… but is it durable? Today we find out. Grab your pocket sized Anker Charger here: US: UK: DE: The ROG phone 5 is a pretty expensive and powerful gaming smartphone. Its lost the iconic aerodynamic hump from the previous 3 versions of the phone, and now the ROG 5 has added dual batteries so it can charge faster. But will that compromise the Structural integrity of the ROG 5? I mean… yeah. You’ve seen the thumbnail. The ROG Phone five definitely has some structural issues….

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49 bình luận trong “The ROG Phone 5 has a Problem – Durability Test Fail!

  1. also not concussion proof, glass may not break but enough force on the screen can mess up the led screen bad. even just by a flick of the finger.

  2. please i would like to know, how long the asus phones lasts?( durability for a longer period) am thinking of getting a rog 5 but an seeing some bad reviews on their previous phones…

  3. dropped my rog phone 5 today and the sim reader stopped working, the hissing started happening but i think the hissing was coming from the top speaker which stopped working, also fingerprint reader stopped working. rip my baby

  4. Still cheaper than piece of shit Iphone 12..
    And it outperforms ANY damn Iphone ..😆😜
    Attention Seeker phones, those fucking Iphones ✌️🤘

  5. I'm an asus phone user , i have asus rog phone 2 , sadly it is the worstttttt phone I have ever used, thankyou asus for fooling and giving me the world's worst phone. I'm in loss and buying another phone this month . asus only works max 1 year greatly then it will show what the hell it is. sorry to say but buying asus rog was my worst decision


  7. I mean who even trys to bend there phones or even scratch even if a phone survive it you still need to repair it but I do understand I guess they choose to put money more in performance than durability I woud guess if they did both the rog phone 5 woud cost more beside I take good care of all my phone's so I'm good

  8. I remember having the ROG phone the original I was one of the first people in the United States to get it to the point where my carrier wasn’t even sure this phone existed so to the point where I had to switch carriers to put simply I loved it until I found out how fragile this thing was in less than a couple of weeks I had dropped it in my sound booth that was completely covered in carpet and soundproofing material and yet the phone internal display got destroyed when I dropped it from pocket height Not only this but ROG weren’t with hold their warranty even though it clearly shows that the phone itself had some kind of problem because no phone for that price should fail at less than 3 feet

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