THE ALMIGHTY PEA SHOOTER! | Plants Vs Zombies 2 Gameplay Walkthrough 1

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50 bình luận trong “THE ALMIGHTY PEA SHOOTER! | Plants Vs Zombies 2 Gameplay Walkthrough 1

  1. Sad fact: EA removed a lot of the really good music for this game so you won't have the pleasure of listening to the Ultimate Battle or Demonstration music

  2. Armor you should actually put the sunflowers in the second lane and your far shooter in the first. This way it maximizes damage by securing the far shooter. If the sunflower is last, once they get to the last lane you’re screwed. That’s just how I played.

  3. Repeat only the ancient Egypt levels, the plants of other worlds require a lot of seed packets to level up, repeating only ancient egypt levels will level up your plants faster, it will be helpful in arena

  4. I wish there was a friends list kind of thing in PVZ2 so I can add you I also got nearly every plant except the premium p2w plants

  5. This game is really difficult but it can be done f2p so gl hf
    Also save your gems for certain plants believe me they're worth it

  6. Kay first of all the boss node unlocks all the other worlds
    next some plants are premium because the game is owned by EA
    you can get 'em for money but some ones you get for 100 gems so save the gems for them
    also in the place you upgraded plants a.k.a. 23:51 click the zombies tab on the top left to see
    stats on the zombies

  7. Yes armor i use to play the game sence i was 10yrs old on my 3ds and played it for 3 yrs until my 3ds just had the battery turned into a balloon but it did not exploded so yrs later i played the second one when it came out on the app store i only played it for over 3yrs i havent played in a around a couple yrs im literally 17 almost about to be 18 tho pretty good video too👍

  8. You can't get all the plants f2p you will have to use coins and gems but mostly coins which you will get a lot of throughout the game you should try and get the cherry bomb it's really useful they explode right as you place them

  9. It is very possible to finish the game free to play but you have to grind I played it free to play and competed the game but it will get difficult if you don't do goals, you need all the gems coins you can oossilmvly get

  10. Yeah one of my favourite games you can also play plants vs zombies garden warfare1, 2 or battle for neghbourville
    Also Bloons tower defence battles or other series
    Defence games are my favourite

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