Solana NFT’s Made EASY | Why Solana and not Cardano or Polygon? Which Ethereum Alternative Will Win?

In this video we discuss Ethereum Alternative Networks such as Polygon and Cardano, but specifically, Solana. Each of these Crypto Network alternatives are decentralized networks that allow for decentralized applications and utility such as the creation and transactions of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Despite the Polygon blockchain being added on to the OpenSea marketplace – the main secondary market for NFTs at the moment – they have not had much success. Cardano has just recently implemented smart contracts which allows for the creation of decentralized apps and the creation of NFTs on their network. While there is some hype behind Cardano NFTs (I will make a video on them soon!), it appears that Solana is poised to be the winner.

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Each of these chains offer quick transaction times with.. NO GAS FEES!!! The main problem for the Ethereum network is the ridiculously high miners fees which occur in almost every transaction. This is due to the vast amount of people entering the crypto space everyday. While Ethereum claims they will fix these problems in the future with ETH 2.0 and staking, it appears that the problem keeps returning with every new NFT news or spike on the network.

Polygon (Matic), Cardano (ADA), and Solana (SOL) appear to be the first alt-coins to enter the race with Ethereum. In the future, I believe many crypto networks will be able to coexist and have different functionalities. Eth may always be the most well respected, but the average Joe will likely look to gas free networks to hop into the NFT space!

In addition, gas free networks allow all new types of NFTs to be created such as NFTs that level up over time or NFTs that you can customize by buying add-ons. This wouldn’t make sense on ETH as you would have to pay for each transaction making it extremely costly to offer these forms of utility.

Do you think Solana will ever surpass Ethereum? How many blockchains do you think will be able to live together in harmony?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

This is not financial advice.

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0:00 New Frontier for NFTs
1:16 ETH Problems
5:44 ETH Alternatives: SOL vs ADA vs Polygon
11:43 Why Solana?
16:06 Solana Marketplaces & Activity (EXPLODING)
19:51 Solsea – The Future of NFTs?
21:08 Outro 🙂


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31 bình luận trong “Solana NFT’s Made EASY | Why Solana and not Cardano or Polygon? Which Ethereum Alternative Will Win?

  1. solana is better because the price is higher? XDDDD amazing how a person that dont understand marketcap and dont use the blockchain is doing youtube videos

  2. solana does provide a good platform for nfts but have hearing that tribe one dapp launch would be more better catering needs related to nft which my friends and i were discussing about which makes me want to ask your opinion.

  3. It remains to be seen just because something is hot right now that doesn’t guarantee it to having the same trend 5-10 yrs from now. Whoever makes it simple for the average person will do very well. Solsea is promising to do that on Solana but we will have to see.

  4. what would be more optimum if you were to choose to launch your nft project. 1.Opensea (matic network) 2. Solsea 3. Shoyu (sushiswap) if you could choose and why. thanks

  5. We are ready for your next recommendation on Solsea 🙂
    Also instead of tik tok you can use insta story to answer questions in short stories videos, and also we will able to type any questions (using the insta sticker). Just an idea…

  6. Hey man, appreciate your work, i am really new to nfts, i wanted to buy creature world nft at floor price, you think its a good one to put money on? Thanks 🤟🏻

  7. About a week ago, i have sold one of my nfts but the money that i received only appears on my Opensea Wallet, but not on my Metamask Wallet. Fyi, i use Polygon Blockchain & Eth Token. I already change my network to Matic Mainnet but no money in my Metamask Wallet😓

  8. Cesare is flying …good job . Buying nfts on solano great idea…but selling is best to be on eth…you want those eth millionaires buying your project w there windfall eth

  9. Hey cesare brilliant video. I love solana. I have made brilliant gains and took some gains out. I have the first OG! NFT on solana. The project is called Solarians and they have there own site. I believe they will hold the most value in the long run if Solana keeps blowing up and as they are the first OG NFT project on solana so they should hold historical value. Same as cryptopunk on ETh. My advise is to buy one and hold it for the long term. You never know it may change your life! 🙏 💰🤑

  10. EDIT (PLEASE READ!): A few people have commented about Market Cap vs Coin Price. They're right. I should have mentioned the market cap. For the purpose of this video, I think the price movement is still useful to look at to understand what chains are skyrocketing %-wise (Solana) and which are not seeing comparable movement (ada, polygon). I wasn't necessarily trying to focus on the prices but more so the percentage of growth the last few weeks. If I should make an updated part two let me know in the comments

    Eth: 436.2B
    Cardano: 92.6B
    Sol: 33.4B
    Poly: 9.6B

    IMPORTANT: Looking at the market cap, Solana appears to be even better! It has huge growth potential! Cardano has almost 3 times the market cap and they have way less hype and utility currently!

    Do you think Solana will ever surpass Ethereum? How many blockchains do you think will be able to live together in harmony?

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