SoFi Stock's CRAZY NEW AI Project! PAGAYA Partnership Details REVEALED!!

Sofi Stock has been on an absolute tear lately! Anthony Noto, Chris Lapointe, & and the rest of the Sofi management team have been making big moves! We all know that Sofi acquired Galileo Financial Technologies (CEO Clay Wilkes) & 8 Securities Limited which is an online brokerage company in Hong Kong that Sofi acquired to rebrand as Sofi Hong Kong! On top of that deals such as the naming rights to the newly built Stadium in Inglewood California now named Sofi Stadium. To add to this string of massive moves Sofi has now partnered with Pagaya Technologies Ltd which is an Artificial Intelligence network leveraging AI to produce better business outcomes. This is super key to Sofi because where Pagaya Technologies Ltd excels is in their automotive loans which is the missing piece for Sofi as they at the moment only seem to do auto loan refinancing. Overall this move seems like another amazing move on Sofi’s part and as shareholders/Sofi bulls ourselves we are excited to see what this partnership brings in the future! If you like this type of content be sure to smash that like & subscribe button! We cover all things Sofi/Sofi Stock, from Sofi Fundamental Analysis, Sofi Technical Analysis, & even Sofi Breaking News!

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00:00 SoFi Partners with AI
00:37 Shoutout Nicholas Kelly!
00:58 SoFi Adds to Its List of Partnerships
01:26 Overview of Pagaya
01:39 When Was Pagaya Founded?
01:52 Pagaya has 3 Offices
02:09 What does Pagaya Do?
02:36 How Will it’s Technology Affect SoFi
02:46 Pagaya To Go Public Through SPAC
03:02 Anthony Noto Speaking About “Financial Services Productivity Loop”
04:13 Three Core Dynamics Where SoFi Will Compete
05:06 Anthony Noto Brings Up Car Insurance
05:15 Will SoFi Use Pagaya For Auto Loans?
05:28 How SoFi Refinances Auto Loans
05:35 Pagaya Also Offers Auto Loans
05:55 We’re Holding SoFi Long Term
06:05 What Anthony Noto Said About Pagaya Partnership
06:30 Comment Your Thoughts Down Below

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10 bình luận trong “SoFi Stock's CRAZY NEW AI Project! PAGAYA Partnership Details REVEALED!!

  1. Interesting they mention car insurance, some article mentioned pagaya was interested in getting into insurance. Sounds like a good partnership to me

  2. I’m holding SOFI for the longterm… DIAMONDHANDING with both hands…
    What I should have done with TESLA is what I’m doing here..

  3. Just Subbed. I been selling off a little bit of Visa Stock and been buying SOFI. For every 1 Visa share I sell a can buy 10 SOFI shares. I have 2400 shares of SOFI today still hold 1800 shares of Visa. Pagaya looks promising. Thanks👍🙂

  4. My avg prices is 16.29 I plan to hold for a long time. unless something crazy happens and it shoots up to 100.00 per share than i would probably sale.

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