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Tennis champion Serena Williams, winner of four Olympic gold medals, 21 Grand Slam women’s singles titles, and 13 Grand Slam women’s doubles titles recipient, is sharing everything she knows about the sport in her one-of-a-kind MasterClass.

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In this class, Serena will teach you to:
• Hit groundstrokes
• Master the serve
• Be mentally tough
• Train like a pro
• Prepare for game day

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About MasterClass:
MasterClass is the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best. With an annual membership, subscribers get unlimited access to instructors and classes across a wide range of subjects. Each class features about 20 video lessons, at an average of 10 minutes per lesson. You can learn on your own terms — in bite-sized pieces or binge it all at once. Cinematic visuals and close-up, hands-on demonstrations make you feel one-on-one with the instructors, while the downloadable workbooks help reinforce your learning. With MasterClass, you can stream thousands of lessons anywhere, anytime, on mobile, desktop and TV.

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