PS Finance AMA 7/16/2021

2:30 – Merch – ‘Darth’ was wearing a PS shirt on the chat, already being printed, should be on the site within the next 4-5 days, on its way.
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2:58 – Next AMA – Targeting July 21st or 22nd, Ambassador schedule dependent.
3:26 – API Date – 2 weeks to 30 days target date.
4:27 – Dev Team Size – 30 total including marketing and staff, 4 on API.
5:24 – China/Asia Marketing – China is hard to promote adult themed content because of Regulations. Working around it by re-writing the advertisements to avoid known banned words. BTOK is also very expensive with low return on investment (ROI).
8:30 – Vegas Marketing Team Update – They are pushing some mkaring. Billboards, nice cool factor, low conversion, not a focus. We are also working WallStreetBets, look for an update within a couple of weeks.
9:50 – Are we working on a comprehensive suite for the adult industry? We are working towards Joint Ventures with other platforms. We’ve opened conversations with BaeBae for example and are working towards implementing Pornstar Token/Star Pay.
11:42 – Souljaboy Giveaway – Update coming.
12:33 – Implementation Plan – Newsweek Chargeback article from July 14th. Major players want to see beta success, on Buster’s own sites first. Once they show success on their sites, they’ll then start working on incentives to get users to use Pornstar.
14:29 – Why aren’t we using the marketing wallet – Do not want to dip into the investor pockets and show a down trend in the chart, at this stage. Later, with growth, we may tap into it.
16:28 – Burn – We will be burning 63.2 Trillion in tokens over the next 2-3 weeks. Value of holder tokens will increase. These were originally locked for exchanges.
17:05 – Can Star Pay/Pornstar Token be used in retail environments (adult entertainment clubs)? Yes! But one step at a time. The team and their network can tap into this market once the Beta proves successful.
19:00 – Website Update – Within 2 weeks. One of the Devs on API is also doing the website update. Largely, the opinions about the site are small and people are nitpicking.
20:42 – Lesson Learnt, can’t please everyone.
21:27 – What will happen with the Pre-Launch wallet with 20 Trillion? Marketing wallet, see above.
21:16 – Will the Cam Sites Pre-Market usage? Being discussed, but don’t want to disrupt existing business/cashflow.
21:48 – Challenges with disclosing site names and how part of the cam site industry works.
25:07 – Will Pornstar be a stable coin? No. We want the coin to grow in value for our holders, our creators and the site owners who adopt it.
25:14 – Quick mention of Farming/Staking
27:43 – Quick background on Buster & Darth
28:13 – Squabble with Pornrocket, the token that shall no longer be named.
32:45 – Guest for PR AMA mentioned PR is an outsider, it’s going to be super hard for PR to succeed
33:11 – How Pornstar Token is not trying to compete or take over existing sites, coming up with a solution for the entire industry, which is to solve the charge backs.
33:18 – Any deals with Onlyfans? Really good overview Onlyfans, how Credit Card in the adult industry work and charge backs.
40:11 – Other Project Announcement/Release – Within the next week. Project is delivered, but not released. It’s operating independently and will not disrupt from Pornstar. The community over there is tight, all Diamond Hands.
43:13 – New Ambassadors – 4 ready to go, just announcing strategically to build organic growth.
46:17 – YouTube & TikTok marketing – TikTok has banned crypto related videos already. Most YouTube videos promoters are scams and if they are not, they have very low conversions. Most of these crypto YouTube use bots or buy followers to pump their followers and post poorly written robot comments. Additionally, we don’t want to be associated with YouTubert who have posted rugpulls or pump and dumps.
50:05 – 40 large wallets – Initial Whitelist Holder Diamond Hands!
51:59 – Will API be integrated with current FIAT payments? The creators and site owners do not want chargebacks. Only the credit card companies and fraudsters want chargebacks
54:44 – Do ambassadors have equity stake? Yes, all of them?
54:56 – Explaining Wallets – 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 – Will go through wallets written up and posted.
57:25 – Why are Ambassadors are driving more holders? They are influencers in the Adult industry, not influencers in the Crypto field. They’re engaging with us and validating our credibility, our social promotion and evangelism.
1:00:48 – Why do you ask holders to go if they are not happy? If you’re not happy, or don’t believe in the project, don’t stay. No need to keep unhappy FUD’ers around in the community.
1:04:28 – GoFundMe mention to cover funeral costs, Reena Sky, and spreading good will.
1:07:21 – Thoughts for Germany and Cuba
1:09:33 – What’s the percentage of charge back?


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