(Practice) Tongues Interpretation of 4 Adults

(Turn on the subtitle cc and watch it~:D)


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This video is a real version of tongues interpretation.
Without a tongues interpretation , you won’t know what your tongues means.
That is why you may not be motivated to speak in tongues, or you may stop praying in tongues.

I want you to realize how helpful tongues and tongues interpretation can be through this video.
So I want you to pray in tongues harder to glorify God and have your spiritual growth.

I pray in the name of Jesus that you will not be defeated by the difficult reality, but will be you who will steadily overcome with prayer and the Word of God. Shalom~:)

“This video was made through the Movavi program.”

Nguồn: https://em8.vn

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Bích Phượng

Bích Phượng

6 bình luận trong “(Practice) Tongues Interpretation of 4 Adults

  1. 세상일에 더 열심인저를 회개했습니다
    하루에 한시간 기도를 실천해보겠습니다
    방언에대해 궁금한점도 알게되고…
    하나님의사랑을 너무 하찮게 생각하는 요즘
    너무 맘이아팠습니다

  2. Wow, the tongue is really amazing.
    I am praying because I want to receive the gift of interpreting in tongues. Please pray together.

  3. Hello, Gaengnyounmam 🙂
    Tongues interpretation is really interesting. I prayed for a long time for tongues interpretation, but I didn't. You're very blessed to have it!! I really want to get it. Please pray for me. 🙂

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