Minecraft Comparison: Mob Damage (2020)

Minecraft Comparison: Mob Damage (on normal difficulty). Minecraft is full of mobs trying to harm you. In this video, we are ranking all mobs by the damage they deal to the player.

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26 bình luận trong “Minecraft Comparison: Mob Damage (2020)

  1. A guy came with a wooden sword
    His Version was 1.8.9
    Everybody: This guy is before the Combat Update wtf he will do
    With a Wooden Sword
    He turned around to the Tree
    His mouse was going brbrbrbbrbtbbrbbrbrbbbbrbbrabbrb abbr
    EVERBODY:Wtf is this Sound
    He turned 180° once more Start noising and Kill 10 Players who have Full Iron Armor He killed them by just a wooden sword He was Making them Fly in the Air and was saying Combo! Combo! Combo!
    Then the Players who died in PvP
    Searched for Information about The Versions Before 1.9 after seeing the information he start playing on Lunar Client 1.8.9.

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