McRib Sandwich

Recipe for a Giant McRib Sandwich using a slab of smoked, boneless baby back ribs for the most delicious McRib Sandwich. #mcrib #mcribsandwhich …


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  1. I made this for the in-laws this past weekend. It was one of the greatest things ever. 10/10 would do again. God bless you Malcolm

  2. Wow that looks good! I've been following your recipies and using my pellet smoker. Just curious if there is much difference between pellet and offset charcoal with a few chunks on top?

  3. Oh sweet baby Jesus, you can tell how tender it is by how easy that knife slipped through it.
    How smooth that first bite was. Aaaah! I need twelve of'em!

  4. Мужик, ты когда ешь такой бутер у тебя образ смерти не возникает?

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