Mayra Hills–The Woman With The Biggest Fake Boobs

Mayra Hills–The Woman Who Has The Biggest Fake Chest
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I’m Quisha, and today, I will continue bringing to you guys another big surprise!
Women are always amazing and because of their existence that our life has become more beautiful than ever. So that’s why, today, I will introduce a very special lady to you guys – who catches people’s eyes whenever she appears, so, do you wanna know who she is? She is… Mayra Hills – the woman who has the biggest fake chest in the world
Having big boobs is always one of the most beautiful features of women since then, however, of course, not everyone can be able to get the size that they want. That’s why the boob augmentation surgery was invented to help people satisfying their needs. However, this woman – Mayra Hills, has her boobs cross beyond the normal standards of the world
To be honest, the current measurement of her chest is greater than my expectation. So, Mayra Hills – 33 years old, now works as a famous model on the social media platform – Twitter with thousands of followers. She was born in German and often goes with the nickname “Beshine”
Looking at her oversized breasts, nobody would have thought that her breasts used to fit size A back then. And the most significant turning point in her life was in 2015, when she implanted 20kg of water and salt in her chest to get the size that she wanted. Instead of increasing it from size A to D, she made to size Z and became the person having the largest breast’s implant in the world, and what’s more surprising is that, her breasts are still developing unstoppably
With her breasts weighing up to 18kg, she is extremely outstanding whenever she appears. And somehow, this makes her feel very proud about herself and doesn’t even feel embarrassed walking on the street with her oversized breasts
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19 bình luận trong “Mayra Hills–The Woman With The Biggest Fake Boobs

  1. Wow love the picture at 2:45. Seems she gotten a lot more bigger compared to her other pictures here. What a beautiful gorgeous lady.

  2. She's so beautiful. I'm glad she likes being so big. It's good to hear that they're getting even bigger than that they are now. Not trying to sound icky, but I hope they get so big that she can't really wear shirts anymore. She looks great that big. Great video.

  3. What have she done to herself. She showed the middle finger to common sense in my opinion because I think she has to face so many problems in life due to this. Like this "things" Will cause problems during sleep too. Amazing video though. Haha good content 😊👍🙏💯

  4. This is rubbish. You endanger your life for fake boobs. What do u gain in all this?🤣🤣😹😹😹Looking like she's carrying two bowls of water on her chest

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