This week’s episode I’m joined by Melvin Robert. You may know Melvin best as the co-anchor of “Your Morning on Spectrum News 1” and host of the Emmy and LA Press Club-nominated series “The SoCal Scene.”

He has covered some of the biggest local news stories over the last year, including the Los Angeles teachers strike, Saugus High School shooting in the Santa Clarita community, the Conception boat fire, and the Ridgecrest earthquake. He has also reported on the funerals of George H.W. Bush, Rapper Nipsey Hussle, Kobe and Gianna Bryant, the SoCal wildfires, and the tragic Borderline Bar and Grill shooting.

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Prior to his career in television, he spent 11 years as a teacher, counselor, and administrator, serving a broad array of educational needs. Melvin’s career in education led him to serve the needs of diverse populations from at-risk and severely emotionally and psychologically-challenged students to English Language Learners, minority college students, and adults within the corporate sector.

After being interviewed by Melvin on Spectrum I had a feeling we would connect on another level. It was like talking to an old friend. Melvin really gets deep with me about how he was bullied as a child and how that went on to affect him as an adult. Now therapy, meditation and yoga help him break out of the thought pattern that bullying caused. We need to better about advocating for kids in school. Teaching them mental and emotional health is so necessary and important.



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  1. I’m posting again. I want to say that my grandson Hunter told us he was gay when he was probably 14. Me, his mom and only sibling, his sister supported him with everything we had. His dad didn’t. He’d say things that was horrible. I remember him telling Hunter that he thought the hospital gave him the wrong boy. My grandson was hurt. Then this sweet person was college ready when he graduated high school. . He went to college and was killed in a car accident that same week with his dad driving. This man is in hell and always will be. Thank you Maurice and Melvin for being here for all of us. You are both appreciated. 🌹🌹. Hunters daddy I believe was his only bully. 😔. I miss my grandson so much. My heart aches every single day. He was such a special person. He had so much to give. I believe he is still here. 🌹

  2. I'm still trumatized about the bulling I received as a child all throughout my school years, I don't attend reunions for that very reason.

  3. Thank you for your podcast. I am so sensitive, emotionally . I feel things that so deeply and I sense that in you. Mike and Maurice are one in the same!!!! Keep preaching!

  4. another great interview.! bullying needs to stop ..that won't happen if no one talks about it so ty maurice.for making time for that topic!!..

  5. Hi Maurice I'm so so eternally fearful for your state of mind it is so so extremely important to put it out there that Bulling is so so wrong it affects us at all ages especially now that were older we reflect omg it never escapes us so a million thank you for your hard work AND please continue in your beautiful platform that's so needed ps Maurice thank God we finally see the Spark in your eyes come back Thank you to your beautiful wife Paula and your kids God Bless you all til the next State of Mind take ❤care 🙏

  6. Just getting a chance to watch SUNDAY’S STATE OF MIND this was another enlightening video. Ty Maurice for doing these ……

  7. A college degree does not make a person smarter than someone without a college degree. Life lessons can be more informative. I have 2 masters degrees and am often insecure.

  8. I just love this interview. Who would’ve thought that Melvin, such a cool and confident young man, was bullied in school. To hear how he dealt with and rose above that dark time is truly inspiring and can actually help others- myself included. Thank you Maurice and Melvin 🙏🏼❤️😊

  9. Bullying was the worst experience of my life. I was on the receiving end of this for a year and a half during middle school. I am in therapy now and it is tremendously helpful. Nevertheless, it definitely leaves a scar. Thank you so much for this, Maurice!!🙏🙏

  10. Reckless Love By Cory Asbury Bethel Music, I found this song today I was watching a lot of church, I thought you might enjoy it, I appreciate your real conversation with such amazing people, how real you are, I wanted to show you my appreciation and send you this music, I hope it helps you find peace because it helped me. I love your Sonny character. God bless

  11. Wonderful interview. Bullying is a terrible problem. I was bullied from the age of 8n till 15 years old. It takes a toll on your mental health indeed. I was made fun of and laughed at everyday. I was kicked all the way home. My God they even made fun of my finger nails. There needs to be systems in place to deal with this, from the teachers to the parents and the students. God Bless you Melvin for your honesty an openness. Thank you, Maurice for another wonderful interview. ♥️

  12. Bullying is awful. And these schools need to a better job at preventing it. Hi Maurice my name is Hanna. I messaged you on Facebook. I would really like to write you. So if you get my message let me know.

  13. Bullying has happened recently to my autistic son. He’s been having issues off and on thru his 9 years of school. But I said listen you got to take care of this before it gets worse. You are a 6’ 14 year old boy and you need to advocate for yourself… so the next day the bully started and punched him so my son had enough and the leg he was punched was the same leg that my kid kicked him with. I’m a Jersey girl and if you anyone wants to start I will finish. It’s not the way but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. This guy is terrific! Be you and be proud!!!!

  14. Awesome interview, I did not know Melvin until this interview. What an awesome person, and so open and honest. I was bullied a lot in school as well. It took me years to get over that .Thank you for your honesty, and Maurice thank you so much for what you do 😊

  15. My daughters got bullied when we moved to a new school and I tried multiple times to talk to the teachers and principals … I finally sat down with my daughters and explained what happens with bullies a lot of times its stuff that happens at home and they're being bullied by someone that they take it out on others 😔

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