iOS 13-13.3 Unc0ver Jailbreak CRASHING/Cydia Update

Today we take a look at the news that a full Unc0ver public jailbreak has been released by Pwn20wnd! You can now fully jailbreak A12 & A13 devices including …


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45 bình luận trong “iOS 13-13.3 Unc0ver Jailbreak CRASHING/Cydia Update

  1. It seems like I’m the only one with this problem. All my jailbroken apps crash. Can’t open Cydia or uncover, there’s nothing I can do.

  2. same here, except i press jailbreak and bottom half of the screen blacks out and then my phone reboots or i will press jailbreak and in about 1-2 seconds it will automatically reboot and nothing happens. havent got any further than that, anybody know what the problem could be. I'm on Pro Max 13.3. I've been jailbreaking for years and never had problems, i've tried everything and done everything the right way. Find my iphone off, siri off, signed out icloud, privacy service off, airplane mode, deleted all ota updates, nothing is working for me.

  3. i jailbroke my phone with the first release of uncover, does anyone know if i can download the latest 4.0.3 ipa and re jailbreak with the updates or??

  4. Having big issues with new JB. On iPhone 11 max pro, phone keeps giving me the black screen with the loading circle . Ring of death.. waited for this jb for a while and now it’s been nothing but hell.
    Now Cydia , altServer and unc0ver won’t delete off my phone in order to reinstall it. Once my phone reboots I have to do the safe reboot method all the time. ..volume up , down than power button for 8 secs.

  5. Works for me.
    first – restart your phone
    second – turn the airplane mode
    third – hit the unc0ver app.
    fourth – hold the jailbreak button for 3 seconds then press it again. 😉

  6. I found something that worked for me! At least to get the jailbreak back. I haven't actually installed a tweak to see if it's worked, I had to come here first and write so others can know too! I launched the unc0ver app, and in the upper right, in the settings cog. Tapped it, and unchecked "Load Tweaks" and "Load Daemons" and "Reload Daemons". Hit Jailbreak, and it didn't immediately reboot my phone. To my surprise, it made it all the way through the jailbreak without error. I immediately launched Cydia, and it launched, but all the repos and tweaks I had in it were gone. That's totally fine with me, because I'm just glad I have my jailbreak back.
    I should also note that about 20 min ago, I reset all settings on my phone (Settings, General, Reset, Reset All Settings). I'd heard that worked, but right after, and for many times, the unc0ver app was forcing a hard reboot as soon as I pushed Jailbreak. So I don't know if resetting settings made a difference, but I wanted to add it, in case it did. Good luck, and let me know if it works for anyone else!

    **Update: I started installing a few tweaks, and they were all successful. But I went to Settings and they weren't where the typically are. In fact, they weren't anywhere to be found. Both Cydia and Zebra indicated that they were in stalled, but Settings on the phone wasn't showing them anywhere. So reluctantly, I went through the unc0ver jailbreak process again, and now I'm back to it rebooting immediately upon hitting the jailbreak button. And on top of that, both Zebra and Cydia now crash upon launch. Interestingly though, Cydia and Zebra are all still icons on my homescreen. They didn't get removed, like they did the last time I was in this middle state – whatever this state is…

  7. I’ve had the same problem and I always refuse to give up so tried something and I found a way unless it just magically worked for me but before you try anything else before you jailbreak in Unc0ver go to the top right corner and click the settings button as then RE-CHECK ALL THE ONES THAT ARE CHECKED!!! DO NOT MESS WITH THE ONES THAT ARE NOT CHECKED ONLY THE BULE ONES RE-CHECK them and then try jailbreaking and if it didn’t work the first time do it again!!!! It worked for me the second time💯!!!

  8. hello guys this is probably going to get lost in the comment section but try to do this
    – deleting otau
    – and go into settings and reset all setting just the settings not reset your phone factory reset then put the phone into airplane mode and it should work
    i have been doing this over and over again and its been working everytime i turn off the phone uncover crashes and it wont work but i do those steps and it works

  9. I can JB like a champ chimp on 4.0.0 but the .1 is a goober, flat tax and white colar jobs without mafia clan blue collar jobs. Clan Monte Moto Sconse Montgomery Goshen Oca Otanaman Rex Mondy Mondi Jeru Salem Brittany Juliet Alfa Romeo Lividast Ionaxial Ojaouia Sacajuriel Lord Mondy American post highest and lowest royal jerkins ordemun Melchizsadoc without beginning of days nor end of life released in heaven in intervention on par intersession for self and others before the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Lex Doavei.

  10. delete any previous ios 13 installed updates in your iphone storage. reboot then try. im having problems with cydia crashing after i jailbreak

  11. Looks like jailbreak is working, all tweaks are working as well. But Cydia just suddenly stopped working and it keeps crashing upon launch lol.

  12. I think I found a FIX to the jailbreak 1/30 crash … so what I did was …
    1) put my phone on airplane mode
    2) restarted my phone
    3) right when my phone boots up tap JAILBREAK (each time it crashes)
    4) keep trying this until it works (may take a few tries) I've tried a bunch of different methods
    5) BOOM! fixed
    NOTE: as far message notifications it was not fixed 🙁
    I'm running 13.3 on a Phone 11 Pro Max

  13. Start JB -> Phone will restart.

    Once restarted clear Unc0ver from App-switcher.

    Open Unc0ver again, go to settings, tap on "clear diagnostic data" and then tap on "automatically select exploit".

    Go Back, JB -> Profit.

    Tried it 3 times like that and had success every time.

  14. I finally figured out how to fix it. You just have to keep trying. Put phone in airplane mode and keep doing it over and over until it works. Took me 3 times and I finally got it to work again.

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