How To Sideload Games On Oculus Quest 2

In this guide I show you a simple method to sideload applications and games onto your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 using SideQuest. SideQuest is completely free and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux…


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02:05 – Equipment Needed
10ft Anker USB C to USB A Cable (Amazon Affiliate);
US –
UK –

02:52 – Step 1 – Create A Developer Account

Enable Developer Account / Oculus Dashboard;

03:20 – Step 2 – Install ADB Drivers

Download Oculus ADB Drivers here;

04:13 – Step 3 – Activate Developer Mode

04:37 – Step 4 – Connect Quest To PC

05:02 – Step 5 – Download & Install SideQuest

06:15 – Activate Oculus Quest 2 90hz Mode

06:42 – Oculus Quest 2 Sideloading Final Thoughts

Download the latest version of SideQuest here;

Let me know in the comments below if you found this Oculus Quest sideloading guide useful and what sideloaded content you’re looking forward to playing on your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2?

Thanks for watching []-)

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23 bình luận trong “How To Sideload Games On Oculus Quest 2

  1. Update – I've had a few messages with people struggling with the inf file part of the tutorial. Firstly, you should be on a Windows 10 PC. Secondly, ensure you have extracted the files within the folder properly. You won't get the install option if the files haven't been unzipped / unpacked. I hope this helps []-)

  2. When I connect my quest 2 to my computer it says in the headset that if I can allow this computer to access data. Is this the same? Also side quest isn’t picking up my quest 2.

  3. im on quest 2 and 3 buttons came up on the headset: Deny. dont show again, and allow. i thought dont show again was an option. but now it wont connect. what do i do?

  4. === NEW UPDATE === Oculus was giving me hell when trying to log in with an account. after trying everything i couldnt get it to let me log in through the link. i FIXED that by going through my cell phone, being patient and careful with the steps as to not Misclick. besides the bad formating, i got it to work!

  5. FYI This drove me crazy. Developer mode does not enable….until you have entered a "Payment Method" when you create your Developer Account for Oculus. Everything else is spot on!!!

  6. For step 1, when I access Occulus in my Mac I don’t find this My Apps section where you can create a the new organization. Where do I find this in my account in the Occulus page?

  7. Hey I want a refund it didn't work and all of these vr games on the regular store are boring and I might as well throw it out the window

  8. Hey I have a question once I installed a game to my headset do I still need to have my quest 2 connected to my computer or can I unplug it?

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