How to Enable Picture in Picture for YouTube (iOS 14 – 14.3)

Enable YouTube picture in picture on iOS 14 – 14.3. Easily enable picture in picture on YouTube on your iPhone and have it just a click away.

Picture in picture on YouTube can be easily enabled on iOS 14 using the method on the video. The YouTube iOS app does not support picture in picture but you can use it on a browser and have it on the home screen.

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First method:

Second method:


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43 bình luận trong “How to Enable Picture in Picture for YouTube (iOS 14 – 14.3)

  1. I went to add the shortcut but I had to turn on “Allow untrusted shortcut” So I went to turn it on but it says “You’ll need to run a shortcut once before you can allow untrusted shortcuts” but I did …. pls help lol

  2. The second method shows me a notification with the content "you must run this shortcut on a YouTube video page." after tapping on Simple YouTube PIP on the share sheet while running from the safari browser. Might it no longer run with iOS 14.4?

  3. It will not let me open shortcuts because my Shortcuts security settings don’t allow untrusted shortcuts? Please let me know how to change that? I couldn’t find anything in settings to change my security settings

  4. Did something happen? I’ve had the shortcut for the longest but now it’s saying there’s an error on line 609:20: SyntaxError: ?? How can I fix this?

  5. Just switched to iOS from android and the fact that you have to go through all of this just to do pip is really something that Apple needs to work on. A simple swipe to Home Screen is all you do on android, no extra steps needed. Do better apple.

  6. I use a galaxy fold 2 and an iPhone 12 pro. I can say Android has caught up with the smoothness of Apple. Apple just needs to catch up now with the configurability of Android and we will have two perfect operating systems. I wouldn't say one is better than the other but the mere fact that you are watching this video shows that you need an android. I mean look how many hoops we are having to jump through to enable picture in picture. There is your answer.

  7. I upgraded to iphone 12 pro max, i miss my s10 5g. Theres so many features and functionality that iphone does not have. IOS has become really complicated

  8. When you press in the share button I have different menu and none of what is showing I. Your screen !
    Can you explain slowly how to get to that menu..
    Much appreciate it..

  9. Thanks for the simple explanation, but Who TF watches YouTube on their iPhone/iPad using safari instead of the vastly superior in every way YouTube app? Once again Apple really chose a convoluted way of doing things.

  10. My god, I hate how YT does not allow you to have PIP even if you have YT Premium! 😫I didn’t renew my subscription since it clearly pointless to have it if you use iOS devices.😒

  11. I just switched to iPhone for the first time from android. Why isn’t Picture in Picture a feature with YouTube… android has had this feature for years

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