Has Dan Found His Ultimate Flanger Pedal? – That Pedal Show

We demo a selection of flanger effects pedals for electric guitar including the Thorpy Camoflange, Dreadbox Komo Rebi, Retro-Sonic Flanger and a vintage …

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31 bình luận trong “Has Dan Found His Ultimate Flanger Pedal? – That Pedal Show

  1. Can someone please provide a chart that shows the equivalence between the typical Manual/Depth/Regen knobs found on most flanger pedals and the EHX Range/Color knobs? I simply can't figure them out. Thanks,

  2. Hi, guys. The Komorebi (木漏れ日) is pronounced with long O's. The Re has a long A sound, as in "ray". Finally, the Bi is a long E, as in "bee". Komorebi means "sunbeams" in Japanese and that is, in fact, what the kanji spells out between the knobs. Greetings from Tokyo. ❤️ Think sunlight streaming through a forest canopy and you've got the meaning. [ Edit to add: I have an early 2000s analog Maxon FL301 reissue flanger that I love to bits. Dialling back the width and regen and putting a Danelectro Tuna Melt tremolo behind it is pretty freaking tasty. ]

  3. I think you guys used retrosonic flanger first version where top highs are much lower than new version of this pedal. The new version is now almost identical to mistress

  4. Komo rebi all the way. Everyday.
    And just imagine controlng the parameters via CV..
    This is something that we guitarits never play with.

    The possibilities are endless.

  5. 48:13
    Mick's talking here about the Historical present

    Wherein one uses a present tense verb in detailing event to happen in the past to make the events more vivid and exciting

    Fun but entirely useless factoid- Historical present was loved by a lot of the Great ancient Roman History writers for much the same reason.

    Unfortunately, most translations don't tackle this… Probably would be jarring to jump into historical present tense after translating every thing else as true past tense.

    Nevertheless, go and look at Livy's History of Rome (most of which is lost) in the Latin and you'll see historical present at almost every turn.

  6. Nice, a few thoughts, since you’ve pretty much got the tone maxed out, maybe could he size the tone stack to get that more centered, also could it get a bit stronger capabilities with the jet sound, maybe v.2? Also why have I not seen you include or discuss the MXR flanger, can it not get in the ballpark and with some eq in front get a lot of that top end you love?

  7. Would love to know if the Retro-Sonic Flanger in this video is an early original RS or one that Tim has tweaked to vintage spec? I found out that he does this with the newest versions of his flanger, had it done and its incredible in comparison to EM.

  8. 23.20: 'Aah Taylor.' Hilarious. Especially after Mick's self congratulation on explaining the difference b/w chorus and flange. (Must be Dan's 'favourite' ) as there was no admonishment- 'Don't call out Taylor- I'm glad you knew the answer but hands up okay?' You two have the best job and workmates you could wish for. 5 stars.

  9. Have you tried the EHX Polychorus/Polyflange/Echoflange? I'm pretty sure they are all just re-namings of the same circuitry. I use the Polychorus (big box) and get some pretty lush flange sounds with that one.

  10. Shame Boss BF1 not working, it has the top end shimmer, but different LFO waveform to the EM.
    I think Dan should have a serious look at the Boss BF3… but he'll probably never read this. Its digital, but not a modeller… digital delay instead of BBD. Allows the delay times to get very low, close to 0ms, and hence the top end shimmer (very tight comb filter). Its a good EM stand in, miles better than the Mooer eLady if the tonal quaity is your priority.

  11. I love watching you guys but have to stop watching you guys. I have a Retro Sonic flanger and now am drooling over the Thorpy. RS is still great and fits the board..but man what a sound. Drastic difference between distortion before and after the flanger. I usually run mine in front from a previous TPS show. Top Gun theme for the win. Love the show guys. Keep up the great work.

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