5 Killer Kick Shots For Your Pool Game

– An overview of how to play these 5 Killer Kick Shots For Your Pool Game:
Try these kicks out and develop the skills of Efren Reyes , Bustamante , Pagulayan, Deuel and other great kick safe artists!

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source: https://em8.vn

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21 bình luận trong “5 Killer Kick Shots For Your Pool Game

  1. Thanks for watching! Here's some related videos that could be interesting for you:
    – PRO LESSON: 3 Kick Safes You Can’t Afford To Miss! (POV) https://youtu.be/UcMqd7A4tQ4
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  2. I particularly liked the last kick safe as I am fairly good at making contact with balls when I'm safed and with that in my repertoire I can be that much better!

  3. I love kick safeties and defensive play! I can’t stand jump cues, it’s boring to watch people jump, I want to see pros make plays like this then see how players can use rails to hit and then play safe back!

  4. What kind of tip do you use when you play? I've always used a Kamui Super Soft with the clear ring. It gets very nice spin on the cue ball with no effort at all

  5. I recently saw Shane Van Boening and Francisco Bustamante playing a match of safetys! (A 9 ball rack where you play safe with the 1 ball, every ball made goes to the spot and the you lose the game when you fail 7 or 8 safetys) It was awesome seeing all the mastery of Django and the creativity of Shane.
    It would be awesome seeing you play this game of safetys! Cheers Niels!

  6. Love the videos! So glad you've been doing them, you're definitely my favorite player and I constantly try to perfect my stroke which you're amazing at! Keep em coming.

  7. I've started playing kick safe, a game made up by Tor Lowry. Have you played it Niels? I saw Jango and SVB play for $25000 on Tor's channel. Great game that's improved my safety no end.

  8. wow, this tutorial and other lessons here are more accurate than other tutorial!, Why!? because tha Man who teaches this lesson is a World Champion! he knows what he's saying for sure than the others. Thanks very much Idol hehe.. please teach us also on how to shoot harder accurately

  9. These are difficult shots. Notice the cueball before he shoots. It moves slightly. This is because he had to try the shot more than once to hit it. I think they are excellent tools in your tool box. Just realize they are low percentage.

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